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Tunisian fine knotted carpets are derived from the famous "Kairouan", which incorporates essentially Arab and Ottoman components, which make it a true Oriental rug. Kairouan carpets are hand knotted and made of pure sheep wool. They have different motives, including the traditional "Mihrab" and more modern designs, as the "Hammamet" The "Magic Cupboard" is a recent design inspired by traditional Arab motives, reminding the 1001 Nights. The "Alusha" is a Tunisian knotted rustic carpet with soft surface. It is essentially a "Kairouan" but with a limitation in colours to the natural shades of sheep wool, i.e. black to white with all shades of grey, brown and beige. RAKEN features two qualities : the 20x20 texture with 40'000 knots/sqm and the superior 30x30 texture with 90000 knots/sqm.

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Carpet  Allusha  Hammamet motive
Ref : TPF200-9

Carpet Hammamet
Ref : TPF260-9

Carpet  Yasmin  blue
Ref : TPF420-9

Carpet  Yasmin
Ref : TPF421-9

Carpet  Yasmin  red
Ref : TPF430-9

Carpet  Yasmin
Ref : TPF460-9

Carpet  Medina
Ref : TPF521-9

Carpet  Medina
Ref : TPF531-9

Carpet  Medina
Ref : TPF560-9

Carpet  Lifetree
Ref : TPF723-9

Carpet  Lifetree
Ref : TPF730-9

Carpet  Lifetree
Ref : TPF733-9

Carpet  Cheetah  black
Ref : TPF870-4

Carpet  Zebra
Ref : TPF871-4

Carpet  Leopard
Ref : TPF873-4

Carpet  Cheetah  Brown
Ref : TPF880-4

Carpet  Okapi
Ref : TPF886-4

Carpet  Safari
Ref : TPF890-4

Carpet  Ashum
Ref : TPF911-4

Carpet  Rokaa
Ref : TPF932-4

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