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Berber carpets are thick and made of long hair sheep wool. They are white or beige with or without motives. Motives are in warm colors and various shapes, but generally discreet.
RAKEN Maroc features the standard Moroccan superior quality (15x15 texture), with quality certification. The models of our former Tunisian collection are no longer available but may in most cases be reproduced on special request, as far as motives are concerned.

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Berber carpet plain white superior quality
Ref : TPB04

Berber carpet  Khlala  superior quality
Ref : TPB07

Berber carpet  Nawara  superior quality
Ref : TPB08

Berber carpet  Croix
Ref : TPB1102

Berber carpet  Makrudh
Ref : TPB501

Berber carpet  Makrudh
Ref : TPB502

Berber carpet  Makrudh 2
Ref : TPB511

Berber carpet  Makrudh 2
Ref : TPB512

Berber carpet  Asfur
Ref : TPB601

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