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The Ouedhref or Mergoum Ouedhref is a special variation of the Mergoum from the South of Tunisia. Like other mergoums, the Ouedhref is a short hair handwoven rug made of pure sheep wool. The traditional Ouedhrefs have triangular and rhomboid motives, much as the traditional Tunisian Kilims. A famous variation is the Jendar, which associates Berber motives from the South of Tunisia. The fine Ghani versions are characterized by the use of at least three colours, giving them a somewhat richer texture.

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Carpet Mergoum Ouedhref
Ref : TMO120d

Carpet Mergoum Ouedhref
Ref : TMO130ab

Carpet Mergoum Ouedhref
Ref : TMO130c

Carpet Mergoum Ouedhref  Henna
Ref : TMO130k

Carpet Mergoum Ouedhref  Ghani
Ref : TMO140ab

Carpet Mergoum Ouedhref
Ref : TMO140b

Carpet Mergoum Ouedhref
Ref : TMO140f

Carpet Mergoum Ouedhref  Jendar
Ref : TMO330c

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