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Tapestries from Gafsa are hand-woven works generally made by women weavers at their homes. They are made up of a determined number of traditional motives (geometric forms, simplified human or animal forms) of about a square foot size. The background fabric can be black or beige or coloured. The motives are multi-coloured or in the variation "Tozeur" different shades of the same colour. Size depends on the number of motives and is irregular. Note that it is nearly impossible to find two identical Gafsa tapestries in terms of size, colours and motives.The below displayed models are examples of different forms of tapestries from Gafsa. You may opt for one of these models or you can conceive your own personalised Gafsa tapestry.

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Tapestry  Gafsa  beige / 20 multicoloured motives
Ref : TSG01

Tapestry  Gafsa  black / 6 multicoloured motives
Ref : TSG02

Tapestry  Gafsa  black / 6 multicoloured motives
Ref : TSG03

Tapestry  Gafsa  red / 9 multicoloured motives
Ref : TSG04

Tapestry  Gafsa  black / 9 multicoloured motives
Ref : TSG05

Tapestry  Gafsa  blue / 20 multicoloured motives
Ref : TSG06

Tapestry  Tozeur  black / 9 brown shaded motives
Ref : TSG07

Tapestry  Tozeur  black / 9 green shaded motives
Ref : TSG08

Tapestry  Tozeur  black / 9 blue shaded motives
Ref : TSG09

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