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Tapestries from Tataouine include a number of hand-woven products from the South of Tunisia. The Bedouin tapestries "Hamil" and "Wissada" are made of long strips of tightly woven fabric from sheep, goat and in some cases camel wool. They are traditional, utilitarian textile works, sometimes difficult to find and expensive. "Ajar", a fine woven Berber tapestry, featuring the colours of the South is more a decorative item. "Mushtia" and the "grey Klim" are examples of adaptations to fashion, both being used as ground or wall decorations today.

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Tapestry Ajar
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Tapestry Ajar
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Tapestry Ajar
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Beduin tapestry Hamel
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Beduin tapestry Hamel
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Beduin tapestry Hamel
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